Prince Harry caught lying about Meghan Markle

Royal experts again caught the youngest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, lying. Recently, the eccentric Duke of Sussex managed to give several provocative interviews at once, as a result of which a riot arose in the media and the public.

Some demanded that Harry and his wife be expelled from America and sent back to Britain, others that the duke should be silent forever.

So, once again, journalists hastened to pay attention to the remark uttered by Harry during an interview on psychological health. There, the duke said that he owed a lot to his wife, Megan, because it was she who at some point suggested that he go to a psychologist for help amid the problems that arose.

In turn, the royal correspondent of Vanity Fair Katie Nicholl suddenly remembered a conversation with Harry literally two years ago: in it the prince thanked a completely different person.

“Earlier, Harry said that the first person to offer him psychological help was his brother. Many people are upset that Harry is very skillful at twisting the facts, erasing from memory what he said before, “- quotes her as CheatSheets.

Nicholl herself is sure: Sussex very quickly felt what else he could play on, and will now actively use his psychological problems for PR.

“How much more will he be ready to squeeze out of this? I think this will continue exactly until people in America tell him: “Enough, we are fed up,” “she summed up.

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