Prince Harry caught in a lie again

Representatives of the royal family responded to the statements of the Duke of Sussex.

Representatives of the royal family were quick to catch Prince Harry in another deception after the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

So, in a conversation with a journalist, the Duke of Sussex at one time had the imprudence to accuse his family of “financial alienation”: Harry said that his relatives literally cut him off financially, depriving him of all privileges.

A lot of time has passed since that statement, but only now representatives of the royal family hastened to respond to new accusations.

So, to prove their case, financial reports were published in the royal court, which prove that Prince Charles helped Harry and Megan with money for some time during their move to America.

“As we all remember, in January 2020, when the Duke and Duchess announced they were going to leave the current royal family, the Duke said they would work to become financially independent.

The Prince of Wales has pledged a significant amount to support their transition. This funding stopped last summer, and the couple is now financially independent, “- quotes the speaker of EOnline.

In addition, the palace emphasized – the issue of Harry’s alienation – “a theme of deep sadness.”

“The prince wanted to help with this work, and allocated a significant amount to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to help them with this transition,” they repeated.

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13 thoughts on “Prince Harry caught in a lie again”

  1. Why does MM control everything Prince Harry says. She lied to the world about her life and has brain washed prince Harry

  2. I am not one to make comments on articles. Mainly because I understand people really don’t care about what I have to say, unless they disagree with me and then boy, watch out. Since we really don’t know the facts, just the PR spin on both sides, my comment is more about trying to understand why we get emotional involved in this sorts of ‘juicy’ gossip. But as a mom of 3 boys and 6 grandsons, I wanted to be the devil’s advocate and suggest we try to give both sides of the William and Harry debate the benefit of the doubt. I have often had conversations with my adult sons and been gobsmacked by how differently all of us remembered the same event. Especially if it was an emotional event, the memories of one or more of us didn’t jive and none of us were lying. Our views and memories were clouded by time, individual bias, perceived parental favoritism and childhood jealousy. It’s called perspective. Add ‘trauma brain’ changes that happens to children when they experience great trauma, such as the death of a parent and you have a recipe for family drama. Sadly, this drama is being played out in the public domain and social media, but it isn’t rare and we all should be happy that our every move isn’t plastered in the media. I don’t know any of the ‘Royals’ but they are just people. I have no ‘dog in the hunt’ as to how it is resolved. My main question why do so many of us live in a constant state of outrage? Why are so willing to condemn people based on hearsay instead of feeling compassion for people caught up in a a painful moment? Why do we feel the need to pile on?

    • Well said!!! The world would be a happier place if people would mind their own business and work at making their own little space in the world nicer.

      The Bible says that we are to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, has virtue, and is worthy of praise. That being said, there is no need for rubbish talk nor ridiculous criticism of things that have nothing to do with the criticizer’s personal space nor life.
      What freedom we would have if we would just remember that our personal freedom ends at the end of our nose.
      Just because you have the time and can be ugly, you don’t have to be. No one is making you! I agree thoroughly with this lady’s comments. This is that family’s feud, not yours!

  3. He should of NEVER married the “gold digger”.
    Sad to say – but now they both deserve each other.
    I for one am tried of hearing about Harry and Meagan.

  4. If people are anything like me they honestly could care less about Meagan and Harry. Grandma will never let them go without.

  5. Yes i agree i am tired of hearing about Prince Harry And Meghan i don’t know why Harry never listen to his brother William if he would have listen and married some one that wouldn’t lie about the Royal family then he would be better off plus Meghan is one Jealous person she needs to get off her high horse and quit thinking she can turn everyone around


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