Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son will never be king

Apparently, the scandalous revelations of Prince Harry on American shows began to come out to him sideways. Earlier, the Duke of Sussex accused the royal family of all mortal sins, and he especially criticized Prince Charles, calling him a bad father.

Charles, it seems, will not remain silent. Royal family sources say he already has a vengeance plan. He will realize it when he ascends the throne after Elizabeth II.

According to the Daily Mail, Charles is planning to introduce a reform in the royal family, which will significantly reduce the line to the throne. The insider says that first of all, he will send Prince Harry’s children – Archie and Lilibet Diana – to the end of the list.

“Looks like Charles harbored a grudge against his son. Harry’s children will not live to see when it is their turn to rule,” the message says.

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4 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son will never be king”

  1. Prince Charles has planned on trimming down the monarchy for over a decade. Long before his goofy wife showed up.
    And no….I wouldn’t met the little rat either. He calls everyone names. Even though he claims he’s leaving because it’s to much work and he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore (other than the money part). He hates the monarchy but he steals his grandmothers nickname.
    And oh yes, there is the problem of Gayle King giving her Sunday update on any conversation. He could kiss my behind. Or Oprah’s.

  2. British must be stupid to have kings,queens,royalty etc in this modern age of 21st century, when everyone knows they’re worse than ordinary commoners in UK or any part of this world bickering against each other, killing their own with plots no body knows, getting away with it, worse feet of clay than other so called commoners. Whats wrong with the ex colonists or is it colonials? But who cares? No body should get not only free lunches but to boot with 5 star free lunches to royalty with feet of clay. Wake up u pommies and smell the morning hot coffee & come to sixth sense or at least to. your. 5 senses, won’t u?

  3. “Archie” will never be King”. . . Well, duh! There are five working Royals ahead of poor Archie in line to succeed to the throne: Charles, William, George, Charlotte, and Louis. Plus one “non-working” royal, Harry. Did anyone really think that Archie would outlive all three of Prince Williams’s children?? Besides, his parents turned their backs on royal life/responsibilities and moved to the US! Those in line of succession are groomed their entire lives to become head of the monarchy. Living in another country, with non-working royals as parents, and having no contact with the working royals, certainly isn’t preparing little Archie to assume the role of king (in the event that everyone ahead if him in line to the throne either dies or abdicates)! Blame Mommy and Daddy, not the WORKING royals!!!!


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