Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decree infuriated the Americans

For five months now, the Dukes of Sussex have been receiving concessions from employers such as Spotify and Netflix.

Harry and Meghan’s five-month decree infuriated the Americans. Not so long ago, the Dukes of Sussex again became parents for the second time: the family was replenished by the daughter Lilibet. Almost immediately after the baby was born, Harry and Mega went on maternity leave, deciding to fully devote time to the child.

Now Harry and Megan still do not fulfill their duties, which makes their own compatriots very angry.

“This is not the norm in the US because we do not have a national parental leave policy. Employees are given ten weeks of paid leave and that’s it, ”says Express.

In September, Harry is going to go to London again to take part in the celebration of Princess Diana’s birthday. Celebrations Kensington Palace postponed to the fall due to the pandemic. Perhaps Megan and her children will join her husband.

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13 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decree infuriated the Americans”

  1. If the American people are unhappy about what Harmeg are doing, why dont they do something about them? They are exploiting the Americans as badly as what they are insulting the British people and they just get away with it! As long as there are some greedy reporter ready and on attention to listen to them and spew their tripe over the ether they will carry on, because its money in all of them’s pockets! They call it Freedom of Speech!! Insulting the American Amendment and the British Monarchy and they get away with it!! Getting received with open arms and being called the WORLDS MOST FAMOUS COUPLE (in so many worda) Whoever called them that has gotten a very low standard of judgement! The public can Complain as much as they want to, it doesn’t reach the couple and the reporters don’t care! They get their bucks for spreading bull and that’s it! Ready for the next bundle?????

    • MM is all about media worship. What has she accomplished? Appeared in TV soap on cable program. Her character was 2nd tier character…BIG WHOOPI .
      MM used Oprah to expand online exposure.
      That tnterest wilk be short term.
      Harry has never had attention span to be productive challanged. He lived as “good time Harry”.

      He has an emotional inability to maintain focus. His vocabulary reflects limited understanding of the world at large.

      He is in his element when “playing”.

      MM will tire of his unfocused & playful directions.

      Why do they need so many months to deal with another child. They employ staff to bath, feed, cloth these two Amerixan chiidren.

      They are setting a poor example for the whole world duribg this Covid-19 pandemic.

      Note to Media/Oprah, we don’t care whose shoes she wears .

    • I agree they are a disgrace to everyone. The Royals and now I am sick of them being in the USA AND WE HAVE PEOPLE FOLLOWING ALL OVer THEM acting like they are better than us.

  2. It’s disgusting how they are treating the RF& America, they’re nothing but money grappers , so they can stay I America as they are not wanted bck in Britain, they chose to leave , & set up on their own , know let them stand on their own 2 feet

  3. To be honest, you wanted them their and welcomed them with open arms. Megan is one of your own and has it seems bloody brain washed Harry completely.
    He is a Turncoat to the British Royal Family and thinks he is like a normal person now.
    Most so called normal folk don’t behave how he and his wife have.
    I think he has gone from being probably the favourite Royal after the Queen to being the most disliked. His wife is no different to Mrs Wallace. An American wannabe with not enough class to be part of the Royals so is doing a kiss n tell all to try to get the sympathy vote, but the only person giving his vote is her husband while she brings him down.
    Sad really. Some do anything for money.

  4. True,, how long are the Brits and the Americans going to put up with this drivel from a couple who claim they want to live private lives but constantly air their pathetic woes to one and all, usually in front of a camera.

  5. I am so tired of hearing a out tgese two. How can he put his famiky thru the dirt like he does? Ive always neen told Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go Husbands and wives come and go but FAMILY is forever.

  6. In life what goes round will always keep turning round. The problem of this generation is that they think they know it all. They do what they want to do and say what they want to say. They say it is freedom of speech. People don’t think about God and they don’t think about tomorrow. No one can bring down the Royal Family I repeat no one. God instituted. Be it Harry or Megan. They cannot. A son in the Bible Luke 15:11-23 asked the father to divide his wealthy and give him his own portion. Instead to be around where he will be monitored he went to afar Country lived a roituous and lavished life he came back as prodigal son though still a Prince but life thought him a lesson. What destroys a man is a bad woman and what destroys a woman is a bad man. My advice to Harry people love you do not sell your Birth right. Whatever you and wife are looking for is here in United Kingdom. Be advice.

  7. They don’t want to be in the public eye but that’s exactly what Megan is. I wouldn’t think that we have the time and money to spend on that bottom feeder. Just shut down all avenue of info about them. She is not royalty and never will be.


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