Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in debt due to the failure of the contract with Spotify

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in heavy debt due to outstanding obligations to the Spotify service. The $ 25 million deal was signed in 2020 and involved Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle producing a series of podcasts about their lives and relationships.

However, the couple recorded just one 35-minute podcast for Spotify. In addition, a show featuring Harry and Meghan was planned for release this year, but due to the pandemic, the birth of a child, and going on maternity leave, the idea was not implemented. As a result, the management of the streaming service was disappointed in the cooperation with the couple, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were left with a large debt, reports The Sun.

According to royal writer Phil Dampier, Harry and Meghan have made too many commitments.

“People who pay them a lot of money will expect something in return,” Dampier said.

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5 thoughts on “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in debt due to the failure of the contract with Spotify”

  1. Two people that claim all they want is privacy and to be left alone have a $35,000,000. Deal to talk about their life and their relationship? Something doesn’t add up here…unless it’s just all about the money. AND “SOMEONE” (meagan) likes being in the spotlight. Poor Harry can’t help that he was born a prince..and he needs more money. Did it occur to either that if they really did lay low an “SHUT UP”….oh and move out of Oprah’s neighborhood, they might need a couple extra millions a year. She had no family and now ….he’s estranged from his family. She’s a wonderful influence. Poor kids.

  2. She’s a user and profiteer in the worst kind of way! When she has exhausted profit from marrying Harry (and I doubt it will be much longer because without the Royal family he is just another man) I expect a divorce.

  3. Aliar user who not even her family want her. She found a drunk and druggy that would pick her up seriously actress . I had no idea of Suits! Neither did a lot of people. A one song hit! A snake which her timing would of been with real bad ass kings n queens her head would of ended up on stake. Harry will get what he deserves .A Whole lot of suffering for his kids. They need to buy lil island disappear. World is shit to pile their shit on top.

  4. I agree with every negative remark about Meghan. She is an opportunist and a mid to low grade actress. She was getting too old for the Hallmark movies and lucky to get a part on a tv series that is not even on the prime stations. She single handily destroyed Harry relationship with his family. She to do that to get back to Hollywood and try to resume her dead career. No body flicker to give her a part and had to make up dirt to get an interview with Oprah. She was depressed as Oprah is broke She is a snake.


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