Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be stripped of titles for breaking agreement

Recently, the couple spoke on American TV with an appeal to go to the polls, and the royal family did not like it.

The speech of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry calling for elections in Britain was regarded as a violation of the agreement they entered into with the royal family after they resigned. Because of this, they may be stripped of their titles.

In the video, which the couple recorded in their backyard, Harry urges viewers to “avoid hate speech, disinformation and other negativity” on the Internet, and Meghan emphasizes the importance of the upcoming US elections. Donald Trump after this video said in an interview that he was “not happy” with Megan, and Harry wished him luck, “because she will be useful to him.”

The royal family is worried about where this may lead and whether it is not contrary to the values ​​of the queen. This appears to be a violation of the agreement. If Trump is re-elected and he comes to visit the Queen, how can she justify herself for the fact that her grandson and his wife spoke out against Trump?

told a source from the palace.

Now, according to him, measures are being discussed to distance the crown from Megan and Harry. In particular, the revocation of their titles of Royal Highness, which they still wear, is being discussed, although after Megzit the spouses were forbidden to use them.