Priceless 18th-century jewelry stolen from Dresden Museum

According to experts, stolen jewelry is unthinkable to sell on the open market.

Early on Monday morning, thieves smashed CCTV cameras at Dresden’s Gruenes Gewoelbe Museum and took away priceless jewelry.

According to the Museum staff, we are talking about jewelry of the early 18th century, in particular, diamonds and rubies.

According to police, surveillance cameras captured two men entering the building through a barred window.

The alarm was sounded around 5 a.m. local time.

Police were on the scene after 5 minutes, but the thieves managed to escape.

“We are talking about objects that represent immeasurable cultural values,” – said at a press conference the Museum’s Director Dirk Zyndram.

According to Marion Ackermann, head of museums in Saxony, it is impossible to sell these unique and easily recognizable objects on the open market.

Augustus the Strong-elector of Saxony, and then the king of Poland founded the collection, part of which are stolen jewels, in the 18th century.

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