President Trump congratulated the Americans on the Day of Cosmonautics

The head of the White House noted that this year a new era in space exploration has begun for the US.

US President Donald Trump made a statement on the occasion of cosmonautics Day, which is celebrated in the US on July 20.

“Today, our country is celebrating the important role that American space research plays in the history and character of our country,” the President said. – We honor our brave astronauts and space industry professionals – both former and current-and commit to continue to play a leading role in space exploration and beyond.”

“This year’s celebration of cosmonautics day coincided with the beginning of a new era in human space exploration,” continued Donald Trump. “After a nine-year break, American astronauts again went to space from American soil on rockets created with a sense of pride by American workers. Also, the SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 was the first manned launch by the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA), when for the first time in history, a commercial company sent people into orbit.”

“These monumental feats of the past year are a huge step forward in terms of reaching new heights in our space exploration efforts. To build on this momentum and confirm America’s position as a world leader in innovation and the world’s greatest space power, my administration has directed NASA to go to the moon again – this time to stay and create a base of operators for the subsequent delivery of people to Mars,” the President added.

As Trump recalled, “within the framework of the NASA program “Artemis,” The United States will send the next man and first woman to the surface of the moon by 2024. Soon the Perseverance Rover will depart from the cosmodrome Kennedy to the Jezero crater on Mars, paving the way for our brave American astronauts who will one day fly there. Together with the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, we will try to fly to another world for the first time, discovering the secrets of the red planet, so that one day our great American flag will be installed there as a beacon of freedom and American creative spirit throughout the galaxy.”

“On Cosmonautics Day, we pay tribute to the legacy of national leadership in space and those who came before us, remembering those who sacrificed so much for the success of our country, and we promise to honor their achievements by continuing the noble cause of space exploration in the XXI century,” the President stressed.

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