President Trump congratulated Andrzej Duda on his re-election

Last month the Polish leader visited the United States.

President Donald Trump has congratulated Andrzej Duda on his re-election as President of Poland.

Last month, Duda became the first foreign leader to meet with the President of Trump since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus.

“I congratulate my friend, President of Poland Andrzej Duda, on his historic re-election! I will be happy to continue our important joint work on many issues, including defense, trade, energy, and telecommunications security!” – Donald Trump tweeted.

Duda won the presidential election, remaining in power in Poland for another five years.

After meeting the leaders of the United States and Poland in the oval office, Trump told reporters that he could move some of the American troops to Poland from Germany and that this step would serve as a powerful signal for Russia.

Trump also said that he and Duda discussed a project to build a nuclear power plant in Poland.