President Trump briefly left the hospital

US President Donald Trump, who is being treated for COVID-19, briefly left the hospital on Sunday to express gratitude to his supporters gathered outside the Walter Reed clinic.

A black armored car carrying Trump slowly drove down the street where his supporters had gathered. The car windows were up.

Shortly before that, Trump tweeted: “I think we will surprise the patriots who are gathered here on the street.”

According to the White House, this short trip was made with the permission of doctors who considered it safe for the President and others.

Nevertheless, this unexpected step by Trump has caused conflicting responses.

“More than 205,000 Americans have died. We need leadership, not photo shoots,” said Hakeem Jeffries, a representative of the democratic majority in Congress.

One of the doctors working at the clinic where Trump is located called on Twitter this unacceptable political theater that put human lives at risk.

“Everyone who was in the car during this completely unnecessary presidential “trip” should be quarantined for 14 days. These people can get sick. They might die. For the sake of political theater, Trump ordered them to risk their lives. This is crazy,” wrote Dr. James Phillips.

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