President Trump: 150 million rapid tests will be distributed in the coming weeks

The American leader also noted that vaccines would also appear soon.

Speaking at a press conference, President Trump said that 150 million Abbott rapid tests would be distributed in the coming weeks.

“Here’s our plan: 50 million tests will go to protect the most vulnerable communities, which we have always promised to do. This includes 18 million for nursing homes, 15 million for residential homes for older people with special needs, 10 million for home care and hospice facilities, and nearly 1 million for colleges and universities that have historically been black, as well as tribal nation colleges. States and territories will be provided with 100 million rapid residential tests to support efforts to restore their economies and schools immediately and quickly,” said Donald Trump.

The American President noted that this would allow each state to check every teacher who needs it regularly.

“This continues our critical efforts to use testing to protect high-risk communities. These new Abbott rapid tests are easy to use and deliver results in just a few minutes. You will get the result in a maximum of 15 minutes,” the US President said.

The American leader also noted that vaccines would be available soon.

“We already have four great companies. They are in the final stages of testing, and from what we hear, the results will be very unusual,” he added.