President Biden announced on 20 January as the Day of National Unity

The 46th president believes that to solve the country’s problems today; all Americans need to unite and not consider each other enemies.

President Joe Biden, who was inaugurated today in Washington, has declared January 20, 2021, the Day of National Unity.

In the decree text, Biden said that to overcome the problems facing the country – the coronavirus pandemic, the deepening economic crisis, racial injustice, and growing domestic political extremism- the nation must unite and show unity.

“Through unity, we can save lives and defeat the pandemic; we can rebuild our economy…, we can correct mistakes and eradicate systemic racism in our country… We can protect our democracy by treating each other not as adversaries, but as compatriots,” Biden said, calling on all Americans to unite “so that the whole world can see” and once again be inspired by the example of America.

Biden promised to “be the president of all Americans” and asked every citizen of the country to “join me in this democratic process.” He declared January 20, 2021, National Unity Day. He called on Americans to “unite and write another chapter in the history of our democracy – an American story of decency and dignity, love and healing, greatness and virtue.”

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Author: Ivan Maltsev
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