Pregnant Gigi Hadid shows a rare joint photo with Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid shared a rare photo with her lover Zayn Malik with her Instagram subscribers. In the photo, Gigi is kissing Zane passionately, and in the caption, to the photo, she called him “daddy.” Gigi and Zane started dating in 2015 and have already parted twice, and now they are quarantining together.

Back in April, the couple confirmed the news that the 25-year-old model was pregnant with their first child. According to rumors, Hadid will have a baby girl. Mom Gigi, talking about her daughter’s pregnancy, noted that in September she would become a happy grandmother.

I am so glad to be a grandmother in September. I recently lost my mother. But this is the beauty of life: one soul leaves us, and a new one comes. We are all very happy

– said Yolanda Hadid.