Pregnant Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund help to the victim of an accident

Yesterday Emma Roberts and her beloved Garrett Hedlund witnessed an accident. They were driving right behind the car that hit the motorcyclist. After the collision, Emma and Garrett stopped, got out of the car, and rushed to help the injured biker.

They were driving to Los Angeles. At some point, the Prius turned left and hit a guy on a motorcycle who was driving to the right. Emma and Garrett were driving right behind this car. When the accident happened, they ran to the rescue of the motorcyclist,

– an eyewitness told the publication E!.

So far, nothing is known about the victim’s condition. And Emma and Garrett are fine. We will remind, now they are preparing to become parents, for both, it will be the first child. Emma’s pregnancy became known in June thanks to the paparazzi. Roberts herself spoke about her situation only at the end of August and announced that she would have a boy.

Garrett and Emma have been dating since spring 2019. Before that, they were friends for a long time but became closer after Emma broke up with Evan Peters, with whom she was in a relationship for 10 years. Garrett, before his affair with Emma, ​​also had a long relationship: for four years he met with actress Kirsten Dunst.