Pregnant Emily Ratajkowski relaxes on a yacht and shares pictures in a bikini

Emily Ratajkowski, 29, is enjoying her last carefree weeks. The star will soon become a mother for the first time and gain strength before childbirth and maternal everyday life.

Yesterday, the model enjoyed a yacht ride, sunbathing and breathing the fresh ocean air. During pregnancy, the star moved from New York to Los Angeles – obviously, the climate played a key role.

Pregnant on the ship, – Emily signed a picture in which she is captured in a black swimsuit of her own brand Inamorata.

Subscribers noted that Ratajkowski’s pregnancy is very progressing, and advised her to enjoy this time from the bottom of her heart.

Emily is expecting a child from her husband Sebastian Bier-McClard, whom she married almost three years ago. The gender of baby Emily and Sebastian is kept secret. But not because they want to make a secret out of it, but for a completely different reason.

When my husband and I told our friends that I was pregnant, their first question after congratulations almost always sounded like this: “Do you know the gender of the baby?” We like to answer that we will not recognize his gender until our child is 18 years old and that then he will tell us about it himself, the model noted.

Author: Sam Smith
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