Portugal invented an innovative mask against coronavirus

Scientists from the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Lisbon announced the invention of a mask that not only protects against coronavirus infection but also neutralizes a harmful virus that has got on its surface, according to the Spanish edition of La Razon.

As explained by the representative of the institute João Lobo Antunes, the mask was the result of the joint work of Portuguese scientists. The positive effect is achieved thanks to several waterproof layers that make up the invention, and a special innovative fabric with a special coating.

According to virologist Pedro Simas, scientists studied the properties of the mask by immersing it in a solution containing coronavirus molecules. So they found out that 99% of the molecules that hit the surface lose their properties after an hour.

Antunes added that the mask is reusable. Experiments, which were carried out, including at the French Institute of Pasteur, have shown that it can be washed at least 50 times.

At the same time, La Razon does not specify when the innovative mask will be available to ordinary people.

According to the Portuguese publication Jornal de Noticias, over the past 24 hours, 263 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in Portugal, four people (aged 70 to 80) have died. Most of the new infections were recorded in the Lisbon area. At the same time, the authorities indicate that the number of hospitalized people throughout the country is gradually decreasing and now amounts to 460 people.

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