Pope Francis to take part in Netflix documentary project

Netflix will shoot a documentary series inspired by the pope’s book “Sharing the Wisdom of Time.”

Digital TV and movie platform Netflix will make a documentary series inspired by Pope’s book “Sharing the Wisdom of Time,” released in the United States in 2018, and then in Italy. This was announced on Wednesday on Twitter by the director of the magazine “Catholic Civilization” Padre Antonio Spadaro, who prepared it for publication, with reference to the magazine Variety.

According to the publication, the pontiff himself will take part in the project, giving an exclusive interview to the film’s creators – young directors from different countries. Francis, who will celebrate his 84th birthday on December 17, will be among the women and men over 70 who share their life experiences with the young. The interviewees represent different nationalities, come from different social classes, and profess different religions, the article clarifies. “They will touch on themes that are universal for all people-love, struggle, work, and dreams,” Variety points out.

As the ANSA agency reminds, the book has received numerous international literary awards. The four-episode series is set to be released on the Netflix platform in 2021 in all countries. The author of the project is the Italian TV producer and screenwriter Simone Ercolani, the founder of the studio Stand by Me, which produces TV documentaries.

This is not the first time that the Roman Catholic Church’s current head has become a hero of film projects. In 2018, the film about him and his participation was shot by the famous German director Wim Wenders. At the last Rome Film Festival in October, the documentary “Francis” by the American director Yevgeny Afineevsky was shown, which randomly collected excerpts of various pontiff interviews, which gave rise to an erroneous interpretation of his words about civil couples. Several feature films are dedicated to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, including those about him before choosing the papal throne. Francis wrote various works, including three encyclicals.

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