Pompeo urged to prevent the supply of weapons to Iran from Russia and China

The United States will not allow Russian and Chinese aircraft to enter Iran’s service, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said.

“If the UN arms embargo on Iran expires in October, Iran will be able to buy new fighters, such as the Russian Su-30 and Chinese J-10. With these extremely deadly aircraft, Europe and Asia could be targeted by Iran. The US will never allow this,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

To the recording, he attached a diagram showing the zones of action of Chinese and Russian aircraft when taking off from airfields in Iran – 1648 and 3000 kilometers in diameter. The graph shows that the Su-30 can operate from Germany in the Northwest to Sri Lanka in the Southeast of Iran.

In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in which he mentioned that senior representatives of the US State Department are promoting the idea of introducing an indefinite arms embargo against Iran through the Security Council and using the mechanisms provided for in resolution 2231, which regulated the establishment of the Joint comprehensive plan of action. At the same time, the Russian Minister stressed that there are no objective grounds to raise the issue of an arms embargo against Iran. He recalled that the “permissive order for deliveries” of military equipment to Iran was temporary – this was done to launch the agreements reached in 2015, which is no longer relevant today. As Lavrov stressed, the application of restrictions on the supply of weapons to Iran after October 18, 2020, “was never intended, and there are no legal or other reasons to reconsider this understanding.”

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