Pompeo: the US is committed to cooperation with Israel, despite the withdrawal of its troops from Syria

The Secretary of state, in particular, focused on the efforts “of counteracting Iran’s aggression”.

The United States will continue to cooperate with Israel in ensuring security in the Middle East, despite the decision of the American leader Donald Trump on the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria. This was stated on Tuesday, the US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo before the talks with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in the capital of Brazil, where they arrived to attend the inauguration ceremony of the President of the South American country Zaire Bolsonaro.

“The decision that the President [Donald Trump] took on Syria, in no way changes anything of what the current administration is working together with Israel. Campaign to combat ISIS continues, our efforts to counter Iran’s aggression continue, and our commitment to stability in the Middle East and the protection of Israel remains in the same form in which it existed before the decision was made,” – quoted Pompeo press service of the state Department.

“We are aware of the threat that the violation of Israel’s sovereignty poses to the region and to the country itself – it is a threat from the Iranian Hezbollah – and we will work closely together to make things right, “he added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in turn, said that he and Pompeo have many questions to discuss. “We are going to discuss our deep cooperation between Israel and the United States, which will also apply to the US decision on Syria,” the Prime Minister said. The question of how to strengthen intelligence and operational cooperation in Syria and anywhere else in order to “block Iranian aggression in the middle East” will also be discussed, Netanyahu said.

Author: Flyn Braun
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