Pompeo: the US and other free countries will protect people from Beijing’s authoritarianism

Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for 6 Pro-democracy activists, including a US citizen.

“The Chinese Communist Party does not tolerate a free way of thinking among its own people and is increasingly seeking to strike outside China,” US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday.

“The latest example of this kind is that the Chinese authorities have reportedly issued arrest warrants for six defenders of democracy living outside of China, including one US citizen,” the State Department chief said in a statement.

“The United States and other free countries will continue to protect our people from the long arms of Beijing authoritarianism,” Pompeo said.

As previously reported, the Hong Kong police issued orders to arrest six Pro-democracy activists living abroad who, according to Chinese state media, violated the security law recently imposed by the Chinese authorities against Hong Kong.

Among these persons is a citizen of the United States, Samuel Chu, and former Hong Kong legislator Nathan Lowe.