Pompeo: the absolute power of the state threatens religious freedom

The US Secretary of state spoke at a conference in the Vatican.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Wednesday denounced governments with absolute power as a threat to religious freedom.

The statement by the head of American diplomacy came amid his attempts to contain the political crisis in the United States.

Amid a growing political storm in Washington over the investigation into President Donald Trump’s impeachment, Pompeo headed to the Vatican to urge him and other countries to ally with the Trump administration to promote religious freedom around the world.

Speaking at the conference on human dignity and faith, he said that when governments concentrate absolute power in their hands, religion becomes a threat to them.

“When the state exercises absolute power, human dignity is trampled upon, not revered,” he said. – When the state exercises absolute power, moral norms are completely destroyed. When the state exercises absolute power, it demands that the citizens worship it and not God.”

He singled out China, Cuba, Myanmar, and Syria as examples of countries suppressing religious freedom.

Author: Flyn Braun
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