Pompeo said that by leaving the Treaty on open skies, America would be safer

The US Secretary of State also said that Russia is not fulfilling its obligations.

The US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies Treaty will positively impact America’s security. This opinion was expressed on Sunday by the United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

“Today <…> the decision to withdraw the United States from the Treaty on open skies came into force. In this regard, America is more protected, as Russia still does not fulfill its obligations,” the head of American diplomacy wrote on Twitter.

On May 21, US President Donald Trump announced Washington’s intention to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, allowing participants to fly over any of each other’s territories to monitor military activities. In a written statement, Pompeo then explained that the decision takes effect in six months, counting from May 22, November 22. The American side cited alleged violations of the agreement by Russia as the reason. Moscow denies these claims, saying that it remains committed to the Treaty, and also makes counter-accusations.

Democrat Joseph Biden, during the May 22 election campaign, commented on trump’s decision on the Treaty on open skies. He called the move short-sighted, noting that it will increase tensions between the West and Russia and increase the risk of miscalculation and conflict.

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