Pompeo said “hundreds of Russians” in the power structures of Venezuela

In the power structures of Venezuela are “hundreds of Russians, if not more” and “thousands of Cubans,” said in an interview with Ben Shapiro US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Transcript of the conversation published on the state Department website.

Thus Pompeo answered the question of how serious the “intervention” of Russia and Cuba in the Affairs of Caracas. “These are people who actually control the vector of Venezuela’s movement <...>. They are deep. They took control of the economy, they plundered this nation,” the Secretary of state continued and noted that Russia mainly protects “its economic interests.”

He stressed that the US is still considering the possibility of military intervention in Venezuela in the absence of “another way out.”

Earlier Pompeo accused Moscow of provocations and interference in the Affairs of Venezuela because of the appearance of Russian troops in the country. The Secretary of state said this after the arrival of two planes of the Russian Defense Ministry in Caracas with the military on board. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov later said that military experts from Russia are in Venezuela to service the military equipment supplied to this country and do it legally.

Similarly, Russia accuses the US of meddling in the internal Affairs of Venezuela, in particular, because of the support of the United States of opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Author: Flyn Braun
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