Pompeo presented the State Department’s annual report on the human rights situation

The Secretary of state highlighted violations in countries such as China, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a statement on the publication of the State Department’s report on the human rights situation for 2019.

According to Pompeo, as follows from the US Declaration of independence, “nothing is more fundamental to the national character of Americans than a belief in the rights and dignity of every human being.”

In his speech, Pompeo drew attention to the examples of human rights violations mentioned in the report in countries such as China, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba.

According to the Secretary of state, the Chinese Communist Party uses high-tech surveillance systems to track potential dissidents, sends members of religious minorities to concentration camps, and intimidates journalists.

“Chinese citizens who want a better future face violence,” Pompeo said, Recalling the fate of activist Wang Meiyu, who staged a rally outside a police station calling for elections and was then arrested. Subsequently, the activist’s wife was informed of his death, without providing any explanation.

Speaking about the situation in Iran, Pompeo mentioned a young engineer named Puya Bakhtiari, who was shot by security forces during an anti-government protest and died in his mother’s arms.

According to Pompeo, the report also details, “violations committed daily by the illegitimate Maduro regime” in Venezuela, including extrajudicial executions, kidnappings, and illegal arrests. The Secretary of state mentioned 34-year-old opposition leader Alvin Mendoza, who appeared before a military Tribunal for calling for humanitarian aid to be allowed into the country and died after a month in prison.

Commenting on the situation in Cuba, Pompeo noted the plight of numerous political prisoners who are subjected to ill-treatment.

“We pray that the day will come when Cubans, Venezuelans, Chinese, Iranians, and representatives of all peoples will be able to freely express their opinions and hold meetings without fear of their governments,” the Secretary of state said.

As Pompeo pointed out, the State Department report defends peace, responsibility, and security; it reminds all states of the high standards of human rights they must adhere to, as well as evidence of the United States “faith in people who challenge their governments by calling for respect and respect for the basic rights of every citizen.”

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