Pompeo noted progress in discussions on resuming travel between the US and the EU

The US and EU have made progress in discussing the resumption of citizens’ travel between countries suspended since March due to the coronavirus, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said.

“We have made some progress, technical progress. We need to complete the negotiations. There will be a system of monitoring measures to ensure the right time (for opening borders),” Pompeo said.

Previously, the EU did not include the US in the list of countries whose citizens will be admitted to the EU. The US leads in the number of cases of coronavirus in the world.

“We study each country individually and make decisions based on science and reason, not politics,” Pompeo said.

He was also asked whether Brazil, whose President Jair Bolsonaro said he had contracted the virus, should change its policy on the coronavirus.

“President Bolsonaro may well decide for himself how to deal with the health situation in his country,” Pompeo replied. The US does not allow people coming from Brazil to enter its territory for fear of spreading the virus.

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