Pompeo made a statement on the International day against corruption

The Secretary of state noted the effectiveness of a comprehensive US strategy to combat corruption.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo issued a statement on International anti-corruption day, stressing that the US is firmly committed to fighting corruption and preventing it. “Corruption hinders economic growth and development, contributes to international crime and fuels terrorism, taking away basic rights from citizens around the world,” Pompeo said.

According to the Secretary of state, various government agencies in the United States, including the State Department and the Agency for international development, have developed a comprehensive approach in the fight against corruption, using diplomatic channels, supporting multilateral initiatives and civil society, allocating assistance to other States and imposing targeted sanctions. “Effective fight against corruption is possible only if there is a strategy that includes these many tools and ensures the involvement of all parties,” he stressed.

In 2019, the state Department listed nearly 40 officials and their relatives as involved in corruption. As Pompeo said, the Agency plans to continue to use this tool to prevent corrupt officials and their families to come to the United States and spend money there, received dishonestly.

“On this day, we once again call on all countries to fight corruption; to effectively fulfill their international obligations in the fight against corruption, including under the UN Convention against corruption; to support civil society and journalists and to take measures to ensure open and responsible public administration,” the Secretary of state concluded.

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