Pompeo holds a meeting with Guaido in Bogota

Venezuelan opposition leader seeks support from world leaders.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is meeting with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido in Bogota on Monday, who will then head to the world economic forum in Davos to enlist the support of world leaders in the fight to remove Nicolas Maduro from power.

As Blomberg reported, earlier, the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque Marquez, who again expressed his support, received Guaido in his Palace. On Monday, they attended a memorial service with Pompeo in memory of the cadets who died in a car bombing in Bogota. Guaido also attended the conference on terrorism, where is the Secretary of state.

“Our mission in Venezuela has not changed. Maduro’s actions are devastating,” Pompeo told reporters accompanying him before arriving in Bogota.

Although more than 50 countries have recognized Guaido as the legitimate President of Venezuela, He has not yet been able to turn this support into concrete victories in the fight against the regime. In April last year, Guaido tried to lead an uprising against Maduro’s government, but it was not possible to overthrow the regime because the military mostly refused to support the opposition.

Guaido for the second time violates its relation to the ban on leaving the country and maybe arrested upon return. From Davos, he plans to head to a meeting of the inter-Parliamentary Union in Brussels.

In Davos, Guaido hopes to meet with US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron, but according to sources, these meetings have not yet been confirmed.

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