Pompeo confirmed the “robust leadership” of the US in NATO

Speaking in Brussels, the Secretary of state said that Communist China is one of the challenges for the Alliance.

On Thursday, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo took part in the working session of NATO in Brussels. Pompeo noted that today the North Atlantic Alliance faces new challenges. One of them, the Secretary of state called Communist China, whose leadership opposes Western values of freedom and democracy.

“NATO is indeed the most important strategic partnership in human history,” Mike Pompeo said. – The United States led the formation of this Alliance, and today we return our reliable leadership. We are committed to working with our NATO partners to build a strong, stable, prosperous Alliance, a free Europe and a free world that benefits all our peoples.”

Asked by the press about the impeachment hearings in the US House of Representatives today, Pompeo said that because of his work schedule, he did not follow the progress of speeches at the hearings, including the testimony of US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sontland. At the same time, Pompeo stressed that he believes that it was under the presidency of Trump and thanks to President Trump, Ukraine over the past three years has been provided with huge assistance, which was not provided under the last us administration.

Also on Thursday, state Department officials called press reports about Pompeo’s possible resignation “absolutely false.”

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