Pompeo completes the Asian tour in Vietnam

The State Department again condemned China’s behavior towards neighboring countries.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is wrapping up a tour of Asia with a visit to Vietnam, while the US election race is coming to an end.

As with previous stops in India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Indonesia, in Vietnam, Pompeo again highlights the Donald Trump administration’s antipathy to China, highlighting Beijing’s response to the coronavirus, its human rights record, and its aggressiveness toward neighboring countries.

In a statement released before Pompeo arrived in Vietnam, the state Department condemned China’s reneging on promises to cooperate with other Mekong valley countries, as well as its aggressive behavior in the South China Sea.

The statement said that “China’s malicious and destabilizing actions in the Mekong region, including manipulating the water flows of the Mekong river, negatively affect millions of people whose sources of income depend on the river.”

“The United States, together with our Indo-Pacific allies and partners, protects their sovereign rights to the offshore resources of the South China Sea in accordance with their rights and obligations under international law,” the State Department stressed.

The statement also notes that Pompeo categorically rejected almost all of Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea earlier this year.

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