Pompeo called Russia an enemy of the United States

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Russia is on the list of America’s enemies.

“I am asked all the time who our enemy is, and the answer is this: there are many who want to undermine our way of life, our republic, basic democratic principles. Russia is definitely on this list,” Pompeo said in an interview with Mark Levin’s radio show.

Usually, American officials call Russia an adversary, not an enemy. Pompeo himself earlier this week used the phrase “real challenge” when speaking about Washington’s attitude toward Moscow.

The Secretary of State recalled reports that appeared in the American media that Russia was allegedly involved in recent cyber attacks.

“We’ve seen this for a very long time – using the asymmetric potential to try to get into a position from which they can make the US pay,” Pompeo added.

He also stated that the Russian leadership is “a real risk for those who love freedom.” At the same time, Pompeo added that not wanting to downplay the danger from Russia, he considers China to be a more important, “existential” threat to the United States.

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