Pompeo called on Iran to report on the fate of FBI agent Levinson

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo demanded that Tehran report on the fate of American Robert Levinson, who allegedly died in custody in Iran.

Levinson’s relatives on Wednesday said that according to their conclusion and according to the US intelligence community, Levinson died in custody in Iran.

“Yesterday, the family of Robert Levinson courageously shared with the world the sad conclusion that Bob died in custody in Iran. Only Iran knows for sure what has happened to Bob since his abduction more than 13 years ago,” Pompeo said in a statement.

“We call on the Iranian regime to provide a full account of Bob’s fate, we will not rest until all Americans unjustly detained by Iran return home,” Pompeo added.

Levinson, a former FBI employee, disappeared in 2007 while traveling to Iran. The Associated Press conducted its investigation and concluded that Levinson worked in Iran for the CIA. The Agency reported that Levinson’s collaboration with the CIA caused a scandal in this organization; several employees were dismissed for abuse of authority, as they were not allowed to use the services of a third-party contractor to collect information.

The Iranian authorities have repeatedly stated that they did not detain Levinson, and denied involvement in his disappearance. The United States, in turn, did not officially recognize that Levinson worked for the American secret service.

Author: Flyn Braun
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