Pompeo called Iran a new base of Al-Qaeda

In contrast to Afghanistan, where Al-Qaeda was “hiding in the mountains,” in Iran, it operates under cover of the Iranian regime, says the US Secretary of State.

Iran has become a new base of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. This statement was made on Tuesday by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

“Now the largest country that is a sponsor of terrorism – the Islamic Republic of Iran-has become the permanent home of Al-Qaeda, its partner in terrorism, a partner in hatred. This axis is a serious danger <…>, including for the continental part of America. I would say that Iran has actually become the new Afghanistan as the new geographical center of Al-Qaeda’s activities. But in reality, the situation is worse. Unlike Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda was hiding in the mountains, in Iran, it is now operating under the firm cover of the Iranian regime,” the US foreign minister said.

He gave a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, in which, without giving irrefutable evidence, in fact, accused Tehran of a spike in the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

According to the head of American diplomacy, the deputies of the current leader of Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, are currently in Iran. Pompeo also said that the former “number two” of the group, Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah (nicknamed Abu Mohammed al-Masri), was indeed shot dead last summer in Iran, as previously reported by the American press, which called the Israelis responsible for this operation. “Today, for the first time, I can confirm his death on August 7 last year,” the US Secretary of State said. He did not explain who carried out this operation

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