Pompeo announced a reward for information about the President of the Venezuelan armed forces

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced on Tuesday a $ 5 million reward for information that will help arrest Venezuelan Supreme court chief justice Maikel Jose Moreno Perez.

“Today, I am announcing a $ 5 million reward under the program to combat transnational organized crime for information leading to the arrest and sentencing of Venezuelan citizen Maikel Jose Moreno Perez,” he said in a statement released Tuesday by the state Department.

Pompeo, there also announced that the judge and his wife were included in one of the sanctions lists for their “involvement in significant corruption.” According to the head of the state Department, Perez “personally received bribes with money or property and influenced the decision in civil and criminal cases.”

In March, a court in the southern district of Florida charged Perez with money laundering. Perez was already placed on the sanctions list in 2017 in connection with the situation in Venezuela.