Pompeo and Maas discussed the problems of the pandemic, China and Libya

Since July 1, Germany has become a country-chair in the EU, as well as in the UN Security Council.

On Friday, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo held talks by phone with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, according to the press service of the State Department.

Pompeo and Maas discussed ways to restore the global economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, cooperation between the US and the EU in their standard policy towards China, as well as steps to finally end the violence and progress in the political dialogue in Libya.

Pompeo stressed Washington’s commitment to transatlantic solidarity and the need to continue coordinated actions to counter global challenges.

Recently, relations between Washington and Berlin have been strained by the decision of the German government to seek the completion of the “Nord stream-2” underwater gas pipeline, which, according to the US and several other European countries, threatens the economic security of the EU and makes the European, and in particular the German, economy even more dependent on Russian energy supplies.

In turn, the United States supports the diversification of the European gas market and offers alternative supplies of American natural liquefied gas across the Atlantic.
Also, President Donald Trump announced a partial (9,500 people) withdrawal of American troops from Germany. It has not yet been definitively decided when and where the American military contingent will be withdrawn. Some of the American soldiers may be relocated to Poland and the Baltic States, which declare an increasing threat to their security from Russia.