Pompeo accused Russia, China, and Iran of misinformation about the coronavirus

The Secretary of state said that these countries are trying to confuse people about the origin of the virus and the US attempts to cope with the epidemic.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again accused China, Iran, and Russia of conducting “disinformation campaigns” in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, saying they wanted to cause “confusion” about its origin.
Reports of a new strain of coronavirus that causes CAVID-19 disease were first reported from Wuhan – a major city in China’s central Hubei province.

Bats are thought to have been the source of the virus, but propagandists from countries such as China, Iran, and Russia are promoting conspiracy theories about the pandemic. For example, it is claimed that COVID-19 was created and distributed around the world by the US military.

“We have seen that not only Iran and Russia but also China and others are trying to offer their interpretations,” Pompeo told reporters during a telephone round table, according to a transcript released by the State Department.

“The interpretations are different, but each of them has the same component. It is to try to avoid responsibility and cause

“We think it is important that these interpretations are corrected. President Trump has put everything in place as far as part of this misinformation is concerned, and we are also trying to do this work. This is important.” Pompeo continued.

In an interview with Fox News this week, President Donald Trump was asked to comment on recent publications in the Washington Post that said China, Iran, and Russia are engaged in disinformation, accusing the US of provoking the epidemic and criticizing their efforts to combat it.

In response, Trump criticized the Washington Post, suggesting that its publications cannot be trusted and that as far as disinformation is concerned, “every country does it.”
“They do it, we do it, and we just call it different names. I make very harsh statements about China, including the Chinese virus that has been circulating for a long time, and I will not say that they are happy with this statement,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, the State Department announced on Wednesday that following a phone conversation between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 30, the United States agreed to purchase the necessary medical supplies from Russia, including fans and personal protective equipment.

The statement said the materials were handed over to representatives of the Federal emergency management Agency in new York on April 1.

“In the past, both countries have provided humanitarian assistance to each other in times of crisis, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future,” state Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement. – Now is the time when we must join forces to deal with a common enemy that threatens the lives of each of us.”

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