Pompeo accused China of trying to take advantage of the protests in the US

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo once again accused China of trying to use the protests in the US to extract political benefits.

“The callous attempts of the Chinese Communist party to exploit the tragic death of George Floyd for its political gain will fail. Beijing has ruthlessly imposed communism at any time. In difficult times, the United States continues to provide freedoms,” Pompeo wrote on his Twitter account.
Earlier, US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, said in an interview with ABC that the Chinese in published posts on social networks “enjoyed the chaos” in the US. According to him, this activity came directly from the Chinese government.

China denied these charges. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the US attacks related to the fact that China allegedly interferes or influences the protests in the United States caused by the death of an African-American Floyd are groundless.

Meanwhile, in recent days, relations between the United States and China have again deteriorated due to a bill being developed by the Chinese Parliament to protect the national security of Hong Kong, which, according to Washington, is aimed at eliminating its high autonomy. US President Donald Trump has already threatened to impose sanctions and revoke Hong Kong’s special status. China rejected any criticism and said that Hong Kong’s issues were solely its internal business.

The US has already threatened to revoke the status of Hong Kong’s special trading partner during mass anti-government demonstrations in the summer and autumn of last year. Trump said that if the Chinese authorities resort to violence in suppressing the protests, it could affect the trade talks between Washington and Beijing. US senators and officials have called for a review of Hong Kong’s status, which they say has been compromised.

Author: Steve Cowan
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