Poland will offer Germany an alternative to “Nord stream-2”

The Polish authorities are ready to provide Germany with the infrastructure of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline instead of “Nord stream-2,” if Berlin has such a need. The representative of the Polish government, Peter Muller, stated.

According to him, Warsaw itself is preparing the infrastructure for its energy security, while preceding from the fact that European solidarity in this area should be unambiguous. “Nord stream-2,” according to Mueller, contradicts the idea of energy security.

Germany insisted on completing “Nord stream-2,” but faced additional pressure amid the “Navalny case” about the alleged poisoning of a Russian opposition leader who is being treated in Berlin.
In particular, the US State Department called on Germany to reconsider its attitude to the “Nord stream-2.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her part, said that the decision on the pipeline would not be German, but European-wide,

Author: Steve Cowan
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