Poland issued Gazprom the maximum fine for “Nord stream-2”

Polish antitrust regulator UOKiK has fined Russia’s Gazprom 213 million zlotys for non-cooperation in the “Nord stream-2” case.

“This is the maximum sanction provided for by law for failure to provide information at the request of the UOKiK Chairman, which is equivalent to 50 million euros,” the statement explains the Chairman of the regulator, Tomasz Chróstny.

UOKiK explained that it is a question of investigating the financing of the construction of the gas pipeline without the consent of the Director of the regulator. In 2018, UOKiK filed charges against six companies in this regard: Gazprom, Engie Energy from Switzerland, and the Netherlands ‘ Uniper, OMV, Shell, and Wintershall.

“During this trial, the Chairman of UOKiK also asked Gazprom for documents related to the case, but the company refused to provide information important for the ongoing proceedings,” the regulator said.

Last year, UOKiK already ordered to pay a fine of 172 million euros to Engie Energy, which refused to provide the requested documents. Then it was reported that this is the largest fine in the history of the regulator.