Poland has introduced a cyber threat regime

The Polish authorities have introduced a cyber threat regime due to fears of hacker attacks before the second round of presidential elections in the country, the foreign Ministry of the Republic said.

“To counter threats in cyberspace related to the organization of the second round of presidential elections, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed an order on the introduction of a second-degree cyber threat regime (BRAVO-CRP) on the territory of the entire country,” Free News quotes the Ministry’s message.

The second round of elections is scheduled for July 12, where incumbent President Andrzej Duda and opposition candidate Rafal Trzaskowski will compete for the post of head of state.
The regime will be in effect from July 10 to 13. The introduction of the regime means enhanced monitoring of the security status of tele-information systems of public administration bodies and systems that are part of critical infrastructure.

Recall that during the first round of elections in Poland, Duda received 43.5% of the vote, the second place was taken by the candidate from the largest opposition party in the Republic “Civic platform,” the mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski. The latter received 30.46% of the vote.

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