Pogroms started in Paris

In Paris, riots began during a large-scale action against the 24th article of the bill “On global security.”

According to Sputnik France, with shouts of “Everyone hates the police,” the protesters launch stones and firecrackers at the guards and light flares. In response, law enforcement officers use tear gas.

Footage from the actions shows how their participants began to smash storefronts, Windows, build barricades, and try to disable surveillance cameras. Rioters in Paris set fire to at least three cars, huge flames and clouds of black smoke can be seen.

Police detained 22 people at a protest held in Paris on Saturday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said.

He thanked the police officers who were at the rally. They sometimes encounter “very violent people” there, he said.

“22 arrests were made connected with the demonstration in Paris,” the Minister wrote on Twitter.

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