PlayStation 2 games run great on Xbox Series S after a little dancing with a tambourine

What to do when I bought an Xbox Series S, and the next generation games are over? Of course, run the PlayStation 2 emulator and play the classics.

The new Xbox can do that too. In 2016, Microsoft added Developer Mode to its consoles, allowing you to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on a set-top box. The list of supported programs also includes the RetroArch emulator, which allows you to run games from other platforms, including the PlayStation 2.

Tests were conducted by the blogger Modern Vintage Gamer, showing the performance of Metal Gear Solid 2, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Gran Turismo 4, Outrun 2006, and Timesplitters 2. Most of the projects showed near-ideal performance, and some games even ran at higher resolutions. Nevertheless, the blogger came across small graphic artifacts from time to time, such as incorrect reflection of shadows.

Modern Vintage Gamer also noted that the emulator itself is still at an early development stage, and it had to suffer before launching games.

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