Playboy founder’s widow nearly dies during plastic surgery

Krystal Hefner reported on her personal Instagram profile that she almost died during a fat transplant operation last year. This procedure involves pumping out fat cells from one area of ​​the body and transferring them to another. Most often, fat is transferred into a woman’s breasts to increase its size or change its shape.

The model said that during the surgery she developed bleeding, after which a blood transfusion was required. It happened in October, and since then she has slowly recovered, but now she finally feels good.

Krystal posted a photo of herself with support bandages on her chest. She now advocates being natural as she was seriously ill and “removed her implants and everything else toxic” from her body back in 2016. However, that lesson did not benefit the girl, and the Universe sent her another to finally learn it.

Hefner believes that the modern concept of beauty is a trap for women, making many of them feel terrible. The situation is aggravated by films, social media, advertisements and physically fake people, to which Hefner ranked herself.

“The way our culture defines beauty makes it difficult to keep up with it. Women are overly sexualized. I know this from my own worst experience. For ten years my assessment was based on how good my physical body looked. I earned and received money only for my appearance, ” the model notes.

She regrets that the next generation will look at people whose appearance is impossible without filters, makeup or money, and she is sure that it is time for women to “stop eating these.” ⁣ Recall that 34-year-old Crystal Hefner is the widow of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner, who died three years ago.

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