Plane crash in Nepal

Three were died and four injured in a plane crash at Tenzing-Hillary Airport in the Nepalese city Lukla. A small plane Let-410 company Summit Air, heading to Kathmandu. During takeoff it crashed into a helicopter company Manang Air and moved off the runway. The representative of the Ministry of civil aviation of Nepal reported.

Both of these companies are private. Mainly it engaged in the delivery of climbers, tourists and locals in remote areas of Nepal.
Among the dead — the pilot of the plane and two police officers standing next to the helicopter. The pilot and one of the police officers died on the spot, the second police officer died in the hospital.

Most dangerous

Lukla’s small airport often referred to as the gateway to the Himalayas, is the only one in the Everest area, located at an altitude of 2,845 meters above sea level. It considered the most dangerous in the world due to the short runway and mountainous terrain, making it difficult to land.
There are allowed to land only experienced pilots who have made at least a hundred landings and takeoffs on a short runway, who worked in such conditions for at least a year in Nepal and made at least 10 landings and takeoffs in Lukla under the supervision of a special pilot instructor because of the extremely difficult conditions here.

The authorities promised to build separate sites for helicopters here by 2020.

The airport, named after the first conquerors of Everest Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, is especially busy in April, when the spring season for climbers begins.

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