Physicists have calculated the range of possible masses of dark matter

Scientists have calculated the mass range of dark matter. The discovery will help prove that additional force is acting on her.

The data from the new study radically narrows the range of potential masses for dark matter particles. Scientists at the University of Sussex used the established fact that gravity acts on dark matter in the same way it acts on the visible universe. This helped determine the lower and upper limits for the mass of dark matter.

The results show that dark matter cannot be either “ultra-light” or “super-heavy” if not yet open force acts on it.

The scientists used the assumption that the only force acting on dark matter is gravity, and calculated that dark matter particles should have a mass between 10-3 eV to 107 eV. This is a much narrower range than the usually assumed spectrum of 10-24 eV – 1019 GeV.

What makes the discovery even more significant? If it turns out that the mass of dark matter is outside the range predicted by the team at the University of Sussex, this will prove that it is subject to additional force, as well as gravity.

This research will help physicists. First, it focuses the search for dark matter, and second, it can potentially help reveal if there is a mysterious, unknown additional force in the universe.

Professor Xavier Calmet of the University of Sussex School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
The visible universe – planets and stars – makes up 25% of the entire mass of the universe. The remaining 75% is dark matter. This is a form of matter that does not participate in electromagnetic interaction and therefore is inaccessible to direct observation. It is about a quarter of the mass-energy of the Universe and manifests itself only in gravitational interaction.

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