Photos of sea trials of the new Chinese UDC project 075

Recently it became known about the beginning of factory sea trials of the lead Chinese universal amphibious assault ship of project 075. Now there are photos of it in the open sea.

The construction of the new UDC of project 075 is one of the most ambitious and most significant programs of the Chinese Navy. Recently it became known about the beginning of sea trials of the lead ship of this type. Now the first high-quality UDC images in the open sea have appeared.

This is one of the world’s largest ships of this subclass. According to data from open sources, the length of the UDC is 235 meters, its displacement (full) is about 36 thousand tons.

This is less than the new American UDC of the America type, but more than the French Mistral.

The Chinese ship carries anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missiles. The aviation group can reach 30 rotary-wing aircraft.

It is noteworthy that the sea trials of the ship began shortly after a fire broke out onboard (the fire at the UDC broke out in April 2020).

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