Photo: Keanu Reeves with Alexandra Grant on shopping in Berlin

For about five months, Keanu Reeves has been working in Berlin, where the fourth part of The Matrix is ​​being filmed. All this time, together with the 56-year-old actor, there is his 47-year-old beloved Alexandra Grant, who does not leave him even on the set.

The star couple also spends weekends together. For example, yesterday the paparazzi spotted the actor and artist walking in the prestigious Charlottenburg district of Berlin. Having properly insulated, Keanu and Alexandra went shopping and bought everything they needed. On the way back, Grant walked light, and Reeves carried three large bags to their car.

Recall that for the first time about their romance Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant publicly announced in November last year, when they attended the Art + Film gala together. Later it turned out that the couple had known each other since 2011. Reeves and Grant began dating long before their romance became public.

In the summer it turned out that Alexandra Grant had to go to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to get a temporary restraining order for one of Reeves’ obsessed female fans. From the artist’s statement, it followed that a 67-year-old woman named Katherine stalked her for several months, took pictures of her, and then posted them in hate groups. As a result, the court banned Keanu Reeves’ fan from approaching Alexandra’s house or work closer than 100 meters and also posting her photographs on social networks.

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