Photo: Keanu Reeves was spotted on the beach in Malibu

In addition to participating in cult films, Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves became famous for not flaunting his star status. The idol of millions is more often seen eating sandwiches on a park bench, rather than in fancy restaurants.

So, having decided to swim, the Hollywood star did not go to the pool but went to a public beach in Malibu. He had already managed to swim when photographers noticed him. Keanu emerged from the water wearing protective coloured swim shorts, wet hair and water droplets all over his body.

Noticing that he was being photographed, the actor calmly dried himself off and went to the dressing booth. He left the beach on a motorcycle, putting his bathing supplies into his backpack and not forgetting about the protective helmet and gloves.

The photos quickly spread across fan pages on social networks, where fans could discuss new pictures of the idol to their heart’s content. Many noted that Reeves is in great shape and looks very young for his 56 years old.

Earlier, Reeves said that he continues to train to not lose shape for filming in the fourth part of The Matrix. The actor trained in Berlin, but he had to return to the States due to the pandemic. Now Keanu works out in a private gym and waits for filming to resume.

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