Photo: Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo on a walk in New York

42-year-old Katie Holmes and her 33-year-old boyfriend Emilio Vitolo celebrated Christmas together, and now they continue to have fun and prepare for the New Year. Yesterday the couple was spotted on a romantic stroll through New York.

First, they walked hand in hand through the trendy Greenwich Village, stopped briefly in Washington Square Park to take a photo of the Christmas tree strewn with lights, and then in good spirits went to dinner at a nearby French restaurant.

Just over a week ago, Emilio Vitolo publicly confessed his love to Kate. On the occasion of her birthday, he posted on his Instagram their joint black and white shot, which was accompanied by a tender post:

The most amazing, kind and beautiful person! Every time I see your face, I immediately break into a smile. Happy Birthday! I love you!

Katie immediately rushed to respond in the comments to the post: she wrote that she also loves Emilio very much, and accompanied her phrase with a large number of emojis in the form of red hearts.

Recall that the first rumours about the actress’s romance with the son of the famous New York restaurateur and chef Emilio Vitolo appeared in early September. From that moment on, reporters regularly noticed the couple hugging and kissing in public. Insiders claim that Cathy and Vitolo behave like schoolchildren in love: they cannot get enough of each other’s company and endlessly correspond if they are apart.

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