Photo: Alexandra Daddario showed a beautiful figure on the beach

Alexandra Daddario most often plays the role of beach beauties. Recently, the paparazzi noticed her in Hawaii – in her element: the star of the popular films “Rescuers Malibu” and “True Detective” came out of the ocean after diving.

It turns out that Daddario was in Hawaii for a reason: now she is filming a small series “White Lotus”. The events unfold in a tropical resort where interesting stories take place with guests and hotel staff.

Recall that Alexandra became popular not so long ago. The first years of her career, the star of the screens starred only in episodic roles of far from the most popular films. In “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief,” she got the role of Annabeth Chase, but success never came. Daddario didn’t know what to do. She was unemployed for over two years. Unexpectedly, she received an invitation to the HBO series “True Detective”. For a celebrity, this serial film was a real breakthrough. Especially the attention of the audience was attracted by explicit scenes with filming partner Woody Harrelson.

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