Perseverance rover mounted on a rocket launch

The new planet rover, created under the Mars 2020 program, was installed on the Atlas V rocket launch. The long-awaited launch can take place at the end of July.

NASA installed the Perseverance rover on Atlas V carrier, bringing us closer to the long-awaited moment of the launch of the device. It can take place between July 30 and August 15.

Earlier, the U.S. Space Agency hoped to launch another July 20, but it was moved to the 22nd due to difficulties in installing the planet rover under the fairing of the carrier. Then followed a new postponement of the launch dates.

Over the next few days, the space department hopes to begin the final pre-flight tests of the Atlas V rocket. According to plans, they intend to launch the launch vehicle to the launch complex on July 28. The first launch attempt is scheduled for the 30th.

Mars 2020 is one of NASA’s most important modern missions. As part of it, the Perseverance planet rover will be delivered to Mars, which will, in particular, conduct research on the surface of the Red Planet, study its geological processes and collect samples of Martian soil.

Scientists hope that the data obtained will answer the question about the habitability of Mars in the past.